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With a firm understanding of the basic science of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), and the most current scientific findings relating to EMF exposure and EMF protection, I assist clients by identifying and measuring EMF accurately in any residential or commercial situation.

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I provide practical applications for EMF consulting, in terms of detection, measurement, assessment, strategic problem solving, and final EMF safety recommendations. I do this by helping you select the right mitigation measures to fit your unique situation, how to apply the appropriate measures correctly and efficiently, and measure the completed result to confirm the best possible outcome.

I am knowledgeable on biological effects of EMF, and recommend suitable medical and health professionals and authorities to my clients.


EMF Consulting services we offer

I use the practical EMF consulting applications to provide optimal solutions for EMF remediation using EMF blocking or mitigating products to achieve the greatest EMF safety possible, and make recommendations by providing education on practical behavioral changes for avoidance and exposure reduction wherever advisable.

Residential Assessments

Using state of the art meters, we measure your exposure levels throughout your home.

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Mitigation Strategy

We help you select optimal solutions to help you live with less exposure to EMF.

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Advice on Biological Safety

We recommend suitable medical and health professionals.

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Business Assessments

You care about your clients, so let us show you how to protect them and yourself from EMF hazards in and around your business.

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